KT, KT’s Orchard and Apiary

KT’s Amazing Apple Cider Vinegar
Grant Award: $6,000

One of the unfortunate aspects of producing commercial fruit for sale is amount of loss experienced from fruit that cannot be sold – size, shape, imperfections, etc. KT’s Orchard will be using apples from the orchard that are not market quality to make apple cider vinegar. They will produce 16 oz. and ½ gallon bottles of a specialty locally produce value-added product.

Grant funds were used to purchase a motorized apple shredder, a bladder press, barrels, bottles, labels and other supplies for the production of vinegar. Not only will this allow them to generate revenue from their culled apples, it also has the potential to create a year round income stream, especially in January through May, when no income is usually generated from the farm.

KT’s Orchard operates their own farm stand and sells at farmers markets and direct to businesses such as Haywood County Schools and Sierra Nevada.


Haywood County

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