Tyler Hunsader, Jeter Mountain Farm

Juice (Cider) Operations
Grant Award: $6,000

Jeter Mountain Farm has diversified their farm with the opening of a new 30 acre U-pick apple operation in 2020. From research done the past three years at multiple large scale U-pick operations, they have come to the conclusion that it is vital in any U-pick experience to offer bottled cider for sale. Based on this, they have built a cider production facility that will be viewable by the public.

The grant will paid for two pieces of critical equipment to finish the production facility — a siphon filler and cooling unit. The siphon filler allows them to bottle 125 gallons of juice per hour, which is small by industry standards, but a perfect fit for their scale. Once bottled, the cider will is stored in a cooler. The cooling unit is now placed in a cooler.

Based on their detailed financial projections, they will have all start-up costs recouped and will be making a profit in 1 1/2 years. Owned and operated by three brothers, the farm is their main source of income.

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