Niki Irving, Flourish Flower Farm

Walk-in Floral Cooler
Grant Award: $6,000

Niki has installed a much-needed professional walk-in floral cooler. Refrigeration is one of the most important aspects of running a high quality floral business. With the new larger walk-in cooler, the farm can now closely regulate temperature and humidity, allowing her to provide a higher quality product to customers. She is saving time, which will result in over $3,000 savings a year, as well as cost-savings of over 50% in energy efficiency.

With  an existing customer base of over 150 florists, 2 retail grocery stores and 100 annual weddings/events, demand is much higher than they can supply, mainly because of lack of storage space. This project allows Flourish Flower Farm to increase local and online sales and expand additional wedding customers.

Although COVID-19 has meant a reduction in weddings, with the new walk-in cooler, she has the capacity to sell more online and ship orders all over the USA.

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