John Dugan and David Anderson,
Dugan Farms

Soil Spader for Sustainable Management and Soil Health
Grant Award: $6,000

Dugan Farms purchased a soil spader to assist with soil cultivation on their 15-acre farm. With the addition of the soil spader to the farm operation, there is now no need for plowing, harrowing, and finishing beds – one person can use the spader and immediately follow with a bed shaper. This has saved significant time and money.

Additionally, the spader will help with minimizing weed seed bed, reduce pesticide use, protect the soil biota, reduce risk of herbicide drift, and will be instrumental in their cover cropping program. Because this method is not widely used, there is also the opportunity to educate other farmers about soil health methods.

Dugan Farms primarily sells to Mad Meal Preps in Bryson City (an innovative food business that offers fresh, affordable and healthy meals to-go, as well as catering for Meal on Wheels in Jackson/Swain counties), but also has multiple markets in the region.


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