Dave Walker,
Daffodil Spring Farm

Scaling Up Pastured Pig Farm
Grant Award: $3,000

With the goal of finishing 20-25 pigs a year and supplying 3-5 farms with 20-25 quality piglets a year, Dave is developing strategies to make the business more efficient, cost effective and allow him to expand to new land. He will minimize feed costs with the addition of a 5,000 lb. capacity portable grain cart and create flexibility for future growth with the purchase a portable water tank  (along with a stock tank, water hoses, and nipple waterers) that can be moved to different locations on the farm.

As demand for his Certified Animal Welfare Approved pork is growing, he has not been able to consistently meet the supply needs of customers. Part of the problem is being able to find high quality feeder pig stock and other farmers in the area are experiencing the same challenge.

Dave hopes to alleviate that need by offering a high-quality feeder pig to other farmers who want to sell Certified Animal Welfare Approved products.  Dave currently sells as much pork as he can produce via direct market channels such as farmers markets and the High Country Food Hub, as well as wholesale to restaurants and food trucks.

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Watauga County

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