David Massengill, D & R Bee Farm

Updates for Increased Production
Grant Award: $3,000

To increase pollination services and honey production, as well as provide a resource to the beekeeping community in Jackson County, David will be making necessary upgrades to his operation. Purchases will include an electric honey extractor, hive bodies, frames, frame foundations, varroa mite treatment and applicator and additional bee colonies.

The honey extractor will increase efficiencies by reducing labor dramatically. It is also essential to his operation to control the varroa mites as losses from mites reached 38% in 2018. The additional brood boxes, frames and frame foundations will give his bees the best chance of survival over the next few years, which directly affect the production of honey and wax.

All the grant purchases will be used in educational programs for 5th graders in both Jackson and Swain counties. David sells his honey and wax at multiple locations throughout western NC. He serves as NC Mountain Regional Director for the NC Beekeepers Association.


Jackson County

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