Mitch and Darlene Myers, D & M Apiaries

Russian Honey Bee Expansion Program
Grant Award: $6,000

Mitch and Darlene have expanded their Russian honeybee apiary in order to increase production of bees, honey and queens. The goal is to have close to 100% pure strain of Russian honeybee genetics, allowing the farm to become certified breeders/producers and to provide a pest and disease resistance honeybee to the public. The demand for Russian honeybees is very high.

They purchased Russian genetic stock consisting of 15 nucs and 15 queens, allowing them to more than double the number of their current Russian hives. Purchases also included equipment to house approximately 15 hives.

The additional income from sales of queens and nucs will more than double income from apiary-related sales from the farm. They currently sell at farmers markets and festivals, such as the John C. Campbell Folk School Festival.

Cherokee County

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