Nicole and Aaron Bradley, Colfax Creek Farm

Walk-in Freezer Expansion
Grant Award: $6,000

With the help of a 2017 AgOptions grant, Colfax Creek Farm has been very successful in the past few years and has expanded to supply eight restaurants, two retail stores, two butcheries, three food trucks, a residential treatment facility and a co-op grocery. To be able to keep up with demand, efficiencies in their operation must be made.

The addition of a walk-in freezer has allowed for increased capacity of product on the farm. Due to COVID-19, having additional space to store meat on farm was very important for their customers. The walk-in freezer replaces 10-12 inefficient small freezers/coolers and will take them to the next level of production and put them at least a year ahead in their expansion plan.

Savings in energy and time will more than pay for the cost of the freezer in a few months. Currently, Colfax Creek Farm raises 300 hogs, 95 cows, 1000 meat chickens and 200 laying hens.

Rutherford County

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