Mitch Plemmons, Wild Berry Farms

Multi-Use Shed
Grant Award: $6,000

Mitch has constructed a 24’x31’x12′ shed that is serving as a storing, grading and packing facility, as well as a space to park tractors and equipment when not in use. Currently, Mitch has no place store fresh picked produce and regularly experiences losses from spoilage due to high heat and humidity during harvest months.

The new shed will provide a central area to pack and store produce out of the elements, which will reduce losses and labor. Because of the savings and efficiency, Mitch will be able to focus on growing varieties that sell better and bring a higher profit.

Mitch has used two previous WNC AgOptions grants in 2005 and 2006 to expand and diversify as the family farm transitioned out of growing tobacco.

Mitch grows 10+ acres of vegetables and agronomic crops and sells at the WNC Farmers Market and directly to the public.


Buncombe County

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