In February 2019 the WNC Agricultural Options program awarded 39 farm businesses grants totaling $216,000 to assist in farm diversification and expansion. Six of the farm businesses received $3,000, and 33 received $6,000.

The N.C. Tobacco Trust Fund Commission is the exclusive financial supporter of WNC AgOptions, which aims to build sustainable farming communities in the mountain region by providing resources directly to farmers.

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County — Award; Farm; Project Name


Avery — Grant Award: $6,000; Skye2Farm LLC; Skye Lavender Farm Venue

Burke — Grant Award: $6,000; “Pick Dee’s Berries” at Skydance Farm; “Park and Potty” Agritourism Infrastructure for “You-Pick” Berry Farm

Madison — Grant Award: $6,000; Mountain Harvest Organics; Pizza Farm


Buncombe — Grant Award: $6,000; Addison Farms Vineyard; Crush, Cold Storage and Drying Facility

Buncombe — Grant Award: $6,000; Wild Berry Farm; Multi-Use Shed

Cleveland — Grant Award: $6,000; Hudson Poultry Farm, LLC; Grain Storage for Expanded Marketing

Henderson — Grant Award: $6,000; Holt Orchards; Building Enclosure to House Packing Line

Henderson — Grant Award: $6,000; Bee-utiful Farm and Garden; Honey House

Madison — Grant Award: $6,000; Highgate Farm; Post Harvest Cure and Storage Facility

Rutherford — Grant Award: $6,000; Moss & Thistle Flower Farm; Sustainable Floriculture for Local Markets

Watauga — Grant Award: $3,000; Mountainwise Farm LLC; Wash, Pack and Storage Facility

Watauga — Grant Award: $6,000; Heartwood Farms Ltd; Rabbitry

Yancey — Grant Award: $6,000; Pink Boots Farm LLC; Goat Barn Renovation/Milking Operation


Macon — Grant Award: $3,000; Bateman Girls’ Cattle Farm; Heifer Replacement Program

Madison — Grant Award: $6,000; Jenkins Angus Farm; AI Cattle Working System


Madison — Grant Award: $6,000; Dry Ridge Farm LLC; Laying Hen Expansion


Caldwell — Grant Award: $6,000; Blue Ridge Apiaries; Value Added Diversification: Session Mead Production

EBCI — Grant Award: $3,000; Long Family Farms and Gallery; Mushroom and Medicinal Extracts and Oils

Watauga — Grant Award: $6,000; 3M Livestock; Diversifying Farm Operations


Buncombe — Grant Award: $6,000; S.D. Morgan Farms; Less Sediment/More Seed

Caldwell — Grant Award: $6,000; High Country Herbs LLC; Farm Mechanization

EBCI — Grant Award: $6,000; Dugan Farms; Mechanical Cultivation for Sustainable Weed Management

Haywood — Grant Award: $6,000; Rice Family Farms LLC; Bulldog Wrangler Portable Corral

Henderson — Grant Award: $6,000; McConnell Farms; Enable to Label – A Custom Labeling Project

McDowell — Grant Award: $6,000; Beekeeper INC; Bee Hive Transportation Upgrade

Mitchell — Grant Award: $3,000; Tater Hill Farms; Tater Washer

Mitchell — Grant Award: $6,000; Sink Hole Creek Farms; No Till Seeder

Polk — Grant Award: $6,000; TK Family Farm; TEW model M-4 Fruit Packing/Sorting Line

Transylvania — Grant Award: $3,000; The Farm at Gwynn Valley; Produce Packing Shed

Transylvania — Grant Award: $6,000; Clem’s Organic Gardens; Machinery for Storage Vegetable Production

Transylvania — Grant Award: $6,000; Pitch Pine Farm; Mechanized Root Harvesting Equipment

Watauga — Grant Award: $3,000; Full Moon Farm; Paperpot Transplanter for Increased Production

Watauga — Grant Award: $6,000; Trebuchet Hill; Cucumber Beetle Suppression with Alternative Row Cover and Introduced Pollinators


Buncombe — Grant Award: $6,000; Gaining Ground Farm; Expansion of Heirloom Wheat and Rye Flour Production

Cherokee — Grant Award: $6,000; Two Crows Farm; Product Production Expansion for Third Quality Fiber

Cleveland — Grant Award: $6,000; Dollar Down Farm; Growing Under Rolling Thunder

Haywood — Grant Award: $6,000; Two Trees Farm/Sustainabillies LLC; Outdoor Kitchen and Classroom Space

Madison — Grant Award: $6,000; Carolina Flowers; Dahlia Crop Expansion


Avery — Grant Award: $6,000; Tucker Hollow Farms; Bedding and Propagation Greenhouse