Shannon Morgan, S.D. Morgan Farms

Less Sediment and More Seed
Grant Award: $6,000

Shannon Morgan purchased a no-till seed drill for his hay and beef operation.

The specialized no-till seed drill is an efficient way to improve the nutrients of the fields and pastures, provides savings in fuel costs due to less equipment use, and allows for the preservation of existing desirable grasses and can be used year after year.

The cost savings in fuel and wear and tear to equipment will more than pay for the drill in just three years. Shannon sells over 1,000 bales of hay to 25 customers yearly and uses his hay to feed his calves, which he sells as freezer beef.

In 2017, Shannon received an AgOptions grant to purchase a large dump trailer to haul wet spent grain from Greenman Brewing of Asheville to feed to his cattle.

Shannon said these two grant projects are helping sustain his fourth generation farm for the long term. “I hope in the future I will be able to farm full-time and that my son and daughter will continue the fifth and possibly sixth generations to the Morgan Farm,” he said. “I feel that life as a farmer has taught me to be a more established worker and better leader and allowed me to maintain the knowledge to make better decisions.”

Shannon advertises freezer beef through social media, Craig’s list and word of mouth.


Buncombe County

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