Linda Shell and Terry Moffitt, Tater Hill Farm

Tater Washer
Grant Award: $3,000

As their potato business has grown throughout the years, Tater Hill Farm moved from hand washing to renting a washing machine located a local food distribution center.

Moving from hand washing to machine washing allowed them to scale up, produce more, and increase the quality of their product. However, reached the point where making multiple trips over 25 miles away to use the facility is not feasible and sustainable for the farm.

They purchased their own implement vegetable washer and set up their own on-site system. Costs for hauling and renting at the washing facility have been eliminated. With their own system, are more efficient — working anytime of the day/night, regardless of weather.

Having their own washing system also has opened up possibilities for future expansion. Tater Hill Farm sells through TRACTOR Food and Farms and at three farmers markets and direct from their farm.


Mitchell County

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