Sarah Lasswell, Moss & Thistle Flower Farm

Sustainable Floriculture for Local Markets
Grant Award: $6,000

Sarah has expanded production of sustainably grown cut flowers from ¼ acre to a full acre field of bottom land on her farm.

In order to prepare and maintain a field of this size, she purchased a BSC walk behind tractor, implements, irrigation supplies, seeds and electric fencing materials. With the use of the mechanized equipment, she structured her expansion so that she harvested a modest amount for sale during 2019, while building soil and establishing long-term stock.

By 2020, she will have a significant increase in production and income, increased soil health and fertility, including improved drainage in the bottom field.

Demand for American grown, locally produced cut flowers has increased in recent years, from florists to farmers market customers, and those wanting custom bouquets and subscription services.


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Rutherford County

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