Clement Swift, Clem’s Organic Gardens

Machinery for Storage Vegetable Production
Grant Award: $6,000

To assist with the expansion high demand organic root vegetables, including a unique variety of potato marketed as the “Appalachian Gold,” Clem purchased two pieces of specialty production equipment: a used International 140 tractor with a basket weeder and a specialty offset potato digger.

Customer demand is outpacing current production and the only way that these crops can be expanded profitably is through mechanical efficiencies.

With the new equipment in operation, Clem has reduced labor costs, higher-yielding and higher quality crops, a more consistent supply for customers, an extended season for stored root vegetables and overall increased probability in production.

Clem sells to wholesale distributors such as Eastern Carolina Organics and Mountain Food Products, as well as to local retail stores, restaurants and farm stands.


Transylvania County

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