Cameron Brock Johnson, Beekeeper Inc.

Bee Hive Transportation Upgrade
Grant Award: $6,000

Cameron will be upgrading his capacity for transporting beehives used for pollination services throughout North Carolina by purchasing a vehicle large enough to accommodate the hauling of 100+ hives at one time.

This project will not only increase transportation efficiency, it will benefit honey production and allow him to reach new pollination customers. Cameron offers pollination services to farmers both locally and in the eastern part of state where farms are much larger and require more hives.

With the ability to transport more hives at one time, he will be able to take on more contracts and will be able to service larger farms resulting in more revenue.

With this upgrade, he also expects to increase honey production by tenfold, allowing him to supply wholesale customers such as local meaderies who have expressed interest in regularly purchasing hundreds of pounds of honey. His long-term goal is to expand to 400 hives by 2021.


McDowell County

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