Gregory Miller, 3M Livestock

Diversifying to Goats and Sheep
Grant Award: $6,000

In order to diversify his cow/calf operation, Greg put up field fencing and removed the barbed wire to introduce goats and sheep to his herd.

Since not all of his 40-acre farm is suitable for cattle grazing, the fencing creates a perimeter area of rougher steeper ground more suited for goats and sheep and will allow him to transition into rotational grazing for all of his livestock.

This project will provide optimal opportunity to utilize much more of his available forage, which will add income to his bottom line each year. An additional 8 acres would be made available for goats and sheep.

The goats will also eliminate the need for pesticide use on the farm as weed management animals as well as reducing the need for bush hogging multiple times a year. Overall, the land will be able to graze diverse livestock, provide opportunity for rotational grazing, reduce manual hours of labor, remove costs of pesticides and provide additional livestock for sale.


Watauga County

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