John Pearson, Pink Boot Farms

Goat Barn Renovation/Milking Operation
Grant Award: $6,000

John and Lynn Pearson’s farm project is to add goat milk, butter, and aged goat cheese production to the farm. To accomplish this goal, they renovated a 150 year old tobacco barn.

The grant provided needed funds to install a new roof, siding, milking parlor, water, and electric. Their Alpine Goats had kids in the spring of 2019 which provided the goats to produce the much needed goats milk.

Pink Boot Farms LLC, the farm, the concept, the brand, has been a Lynn’s lifelong dream for many years, and John and family have signed onto the concept to make this dream become a reality. A NC inspected kitchen has been added to the farm which produces value added baked goods which are sold at local farmers markets, various websites, and through word of mouth.

Blueberries, blackberries, apples, honey, and produce produced on the farm is utilized to produce the baked goods along with being sold in jams and jellies. A full woodworking workshop was also added to the farm and is utilized to produce furniture which has been John’s passion for many years.

The Pink Boot Farms mission statement is: “To embrace the food revolution by bringing the community together through healthy clean food and support of the local farmers.”

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Yancey County

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