Harold and Nancy Long,
Long Family Farms and Gallery

Mushroom and Medicinal Extracts and Oils
Grant Award: $3,000

Harold and Nancy will be diversifying their farm business with the addition of a mushroom and medicinal plant dehydration and extraction operation.

Shiitake, oyster, lion’s mane, resihi and wine cap mushrooms will be grown, harvested and dehydrated. Then, they will go through a dual extraction process to produce tinctures.

Other produce grown on their 40-acre farm, such as berries, heirloom vegetables and hemp, will also be used to produce extracts. These unique products will be sold through established markets and a new on-farm store.

A 2008 AgOptions grant allowed them to expand, helping to save culturally significant heirloom varieties, as well as saving their small family farm. The purchased commercial dehydrator and extractor equipment needed to produce fruit and vegetable tinctures.

Long Family Farms and Gallery have been chosen as North Carolina Small Farmer of the Year in 2019.



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