Heather and Kris Gupton,
High Country Herbs

Farm Mechanization
Grant Award: $6,000

To increase production and reduce labor costs, the Guptons have transitioned to mechanized farm production and adding a Caterpillar Tunnel to their 4-acre operation.

They had previously done all work by hand, so the mechanized equipment has dramatically reduced labor time. The grant will go towards the purchase of BCS tractor implements such as a plastic mulch layer, bed shaper and brush cutter, as well as a tractor tiller, seeder, row cultivator and 60 gallon sprayer.

To expand into all-year growing, a Caterpillar Tunnel will be installed. The Guptons grow herbs, hemp and vegetables and sell via direct sales to breweries, restaurants and farmers markets in Caldwell, Watauga and Avery Counties.

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