John Dugan and David Anderson,
Dugan Farms

Mechanical Cultivation for Sustainable
Weed Management
Grant Award: $6,000

John and David purchased a mechanical cultivator to assist in weed management on their 10-acre vegetable farm.

The two-person operation used to manage weeds by hand labor and through the use of herbicides. Mechanical cultivation has significantly reduced labor and minimized herbicide use on the farm. Because of the new equipment, they have also seen increased production and overall improvement to the health of the soil.

They are the only farm located on Tribal lands using mechanical cultivation to grow vegetables on this scale.

Dugan Farms sells five acres of vegetables to Mad Meal Preps in Bryson City, a healthy locally sourced to-go meal prep service. They also sell to families in the tribal communities on the Qualla Boundary, proving healthy options for communities located in a food desert.



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