Barry L. Bingham, Dollar Down Farm

Growing Under Sliding Thunder
Grant Award: $6,000

Barry has added a movable high tunnel to his operation in order to extend his growing season, double his inside growing area, and increase his capacity to grow off-season products that bring higher profits.

The tunnel is built on pipe skids so it can “slide” from one location to another with the assistance of the farm tractor. In addition, the high tunnel will be equipped with horizontal air circulation fans and shade cloth to help control Summer heat. Barry also has an irrigation hook-up ready at the site.

The location will allow two to four-season growing, as the tunnel can be moved from established summer crops to a new area to start winter vegetables. Barry will also have the capacity to grow specialty crops such as sugar beets and sweet winter carrots, and estimates this project will yield $6,500 or more additional income per harvest.

Barry sells direct from his farm and at the Foothills Farmers Market, Gaston Farmers Market and Rutherford Farmers Market.


Cleveland County

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