Gary and Abigail Steiner,
Bee-utiful Farm and Garden

Honey House
Grant Award: $6,000

The Steiners are building a 28′ x 32′ structure on their property to serve as a honey house.

The new honey house will provide a space for on-site honey extraction, a space to build and maintain hive boxes and a dedicated on-farm location for all apiary operations. Currently, an off-site location serves as storage which is highly inefficient.

This new facility is critical to the farm’s business as they must expand to meet demand for their honey locally.

With this new building, they will be able to maintain a larger number of hives, increasing honey production and providing the infrastructure for new revenue streams, such as nuc sales and value-added products. Also with this expansion, Gary will be able move to full-time work on the farm.

The Steiners sell their honey at the Henderson County Farmer’s Market, to their 15-member CSA, direct from farm and at local produce stands and apple sheds. They also offer pollination services to local apple and fruit orchards.

Henderson County

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