Megan Naylor and William W. Wallace III,
Wild Mountain Farm & Mountain Goatscapes

Barn Raising
Grant Award: $6,000

Since 2013, Megan and William have had a successful goatscaping (sustainable land management technique that utilizes goats to eat invasive plants) business which has grown quickly into a diversified livestock operation to offer grass-fed beef, forest raised pork, free range eggs and organic hay.

They are using their grant funds to build a 45′ x 30′ barn that will provide adequate shelter for their animals and provide safe space for equipment, grain, hay and farm products – a vital missing piece to their current farm business.

The barn will increase efficiency and volume of all their farm products and goatscaping services and will increase farm income 40% over the next year. They currently have a waiting list for goatscaping customers and have backorders for all farm products.

With the addition of the barn, they will be positioned to better meet demand for their products, allowing them to be flexible and diverse for the future.


Buncombe County

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