Jordan Michael Smith, Two Girls Honey Company

Apiary Expansion
Grant Award: $6,000

In order to meet the demand for honey in Swain County, Jordan has expanded his current operation to 18 colonies. The expansion of the colonies required the addition of 24 deep body hives and 36 medium honey supers (boxes in which 8–10 frames are hung).

They purchased a honey extractor and all necessary supplies to accommodate the apiary expansion such as storage containers, retail containers, labels and protective equipment.

The results of their expansion will be increased production, product diversification, expanded sales and the addition of an educational component to promote the importance of bees to the ecosystem. Two Girls Honey Company currently sells at local fruit stands, Barber Orchard and from the farm.

With this project, they will be able to reach more markets and entertain interest from local restaurants to use their product.


Swain County

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