Josh and Brooke Postell, Postell Hollow Farm

Economical Sheep Feeding Area
Grant Award: $3,000

Building on a successful 2017 WNC AgOptions grant to build a sheep working/handling facility, the Postells have turned an existing slant shed into a cost saving feeding area for their flock.

They installed a portable 3-ton grain cart that allows them to buy feed in bulk, which saves $6-7 dollars per 50 pounds of grain and has reduced fuel costs associated with making frequent trips to the nearest feed store.

A creep feeder is being used for feeding lambs, allowing for much more efficient feeding and waste reduction. To save additional fuel costs and time associated with transporting animals, Josh has purchased a 6 foot goat tote that attaches to a pick-up truck. This lets the farm move small groups of animals to buyers with ease.

With these cost-saving improvements, the Postells will be able to increase their flock from 38 to 64 breeding ewes and increase lamb production by 10%, resulting in 30-40% overall profit increase. Since the installation of this new feeding area, Josh has already experienced a dramatic cost savings to his farm.


Cherokee County

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