Jeff C. Phillips, Pine Row Farm

Pasture Raised Heritage Hogs
Grant Award: $6,000

As hogs are making a comeback in Graham County, Pine Row Farm used their grant to expand their pastured heritage hog operation. By using a rotating pasture method, they are now utilizing four acres on their farm, rotating the pigs at the rate of one acre per month. They have also built a 16′ x 24′ farrowing barn with electric and water.

They purchased fencing for 3 acres, with enough fence and gating to divide the land into 3 pastures. They have seeded their current fields with legume and clover and have just purchased another registered sow and a boar. With the goal of moving towards full-time farming, the Phillips will produce high quality pork, roasters for events and live feeder weaned piglets for sale.


Graham County

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