Karen and Bob Binns, Parker-Binns Vineyard

Increasing Wine Production and Diversification
Grant Award: $6,000

To accommodate an expansion of their winery and to diversify into producing cider, Parker-Binns Vineyard has added a new production building to their existing successful winery.

The building was constructed with features needed to move the vineyard into the next phase of volume and sales growth for wine and cider.

They designed a new crush pad for the processing of a forecasted 30 tons of fruit from their vines. They added a larger press, processing table and de-stemmer. They will also add new equipment needed for cider production.

Parker-Binns Vineyard is working to bring multiple counties in WNC together to supply the caliber of apples needed for their cider production.

Parker-Binns Vineyard grows over 10 acres of grapes, has a tasting room, offers tours of their vineyard/winery and is an agritourism destination for weddings, parties, events and reunions.