Matthew Mazzuckelli, Mayland Mushrooms

Laboratory and Grow Room Renovation/Expansion
Grant Award: $3,000

Matthew has expanded his current mushroom operation by renovating his current grow room and laboratory. In essence, he has switched spaces – converting his larger space into the new grow room and renovating the current smaller space into a new laboratory.

Since his current demand exceeds his capacity, this upgrade is necessary to fulfill current orders and meet new customer demand.

The grant has allowed him to upgrade both rooms, which includes adding a new ultrasonic humidifier, shelving units, light fixtures, tables, sink, water filter, fans, sprayers and a respirator.

All in all, this project has allowed him to quadruple his production. Before his AgOptions grant, he was producing 25-30 pounds of mushrooms a week. He is now getting over 125 pounds a week!

Matthew sells his gourmet mushroom varieties to local restaurants, farm stores and farmers markets. With the ability to produce more, Matthew hopes to be able to sell through TRACTOR Food and Farms in Yancey County.

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Mitchell County

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