Stephen John Leatherwood, Leatherwood Family Farms

Walk-In Freezer
Grant Award: $6,000
Inside the new freezer

Stephen has successfully diversified his successful vegetable operation with the addition of freezer beef. In response to customer demand for beef and to add a commodity to increase profit margins, Stephen added a walk-in freezer large enough to store two 900-1000 lb. steers.

By selling beef retail from his produce stand, Stephen can charge about three times per pound more than he was getting by selling off the hoof at the stockyard. Stephen’s goal is to sell his produce and beef directly to consumers, in order to maximize profits and maintain a close personal relationship to his customers.

So far this year, the beef (and pork) has been a big hit at the vegetable stand, with many customers returning regularly to purchase meat and vegetables.


Haywood County

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