Randall Gifford, Greenshine Farms

Operation Paper Pot
Grant Award: $3,000

Greenshine Farms purchased a specialty piece of equipment called a Paper Pot Transplanter. Rather than having to pop out plant starts by hand and place into pre-dug holes, this Japanese tool allows the farmer to pull the transplanter behind them as seedlings, housed in bio-degradable “paper pots,” are automatically planted into rows.

What would once take one person 2 hours to plant a 100′ row, will now take only 10 minutes.

This tool will allow Greenshire farms to triple their current production, producing 300+lbs of salad mix a week. The increased production will open up larger markets.

They currently sell to five grocery stores, but will now be able to fulfill larger clients such as Whole Foods and Earth Fare. Although Randall has no tobacco history, the farmland they are growing on used to be tobacco fields.


Madison County

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