Charles Edward “Trip” Goforth, Goforth Livestock

Improving Beef Profits with TMR Feeding
Grant Award: $6,000

Trip Goforth purchased a specialized piece of feeding equipment—a vertical mixer or TMR (Total Mixes Ration) mixer for his 40-head cow/calf beef operation. Trip currently feeds his cattle with a free choice mix of farm-raised harvested commodities consisting of corn silage, high-moisture small grain baleage and grass hay. This does not allow for proper nutrition control.

The TMR mixer creates a mixed growing ration that provides optimum nutrition. Feed savings achieved through this improved method of feeding will be 20% of his current costs, with about 40% reduction in hay use. Trip hopes to see an increase of 10-15% total weight of calves by using TMR feeding. Once this method of feeding is perfected for his cow/calf operation, he will begin utilizing it for his dairy heifers.


Cleveland County

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