Frances and Jeff Tacy, Franny’s Farm

Chicken Processing Barn with Brooder Room
Grant Award: $6,000

Franny’s Farm has streamlined their existing chicken operation with the addition of a dedicated processing barn with a brooder room. No longer does it take them more time to move, prep and set up all processing equipment than it does to actually process the birds. A dedicated facility has increase efficiency, reduced workload and enabled them to expand their current operation.

The brooder room consolidates the chicken operation to one building, which is directly located in front of the chicken pens and pullet yard. Not only does this make sense operationally, their newly designed poultry section acts as a demonstration area for educational programming, which is an important part of their business.

Franny’s Farm sells chicks, meat birds, eggs, laying hens and turkeys for Thanksgiving.

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Buncombe County

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