Alexa Baker, Dreamy Bean Farm

Heirloom Dry Beans and Dry Corn Production Expansion
Grant Award: $6,000

To meet demand for heirloom beans and corn, Alexa has expanded production of specialty legumes and grains by a half-acre with the purchase of a BCS walk-behind tractor, rotary plow and flail mower implements. Previously, she used all hand tools on almost just over a half acre plot, but needed to move to mechanization in order to expand to 1.2 acres.

The walk behind tractor is a perfect tool for her operation. With the tool this year, she has increased her acreage under production, improved yields on her existing acreage, while also reducing tillage on the farm and creating more ergonomic labor practices. She will nearly double production in 2018. Alexa currently sells at the West Asheville Tailgate Market and the Asheville City Market. With increased production, she will be able to meet growing demand from local chefs and restaurants.



Haywood County

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