Sophia Annette Ensley, Double 00 Farm

Breed Preservation and Increased Production
Grant Award: $3,000

Double 00 Farm has increased the size of their Large Black Hogs herd, a threatened breed of foraging hog that produces a micro-marbled meat.

Their grant has allowed them to expand the size of foraging area by fencing in a larger portion of their land, building additional farrowing stalls and adding feeders and watering systems.

The expansion project has allowed them to increase the number of registered stock and to provide customers with a hormone free, stress-free, pastured raised product. With the larger foraging area, they have been able to pasture more sows and produce a better quality of meat. By the end of 2018, the Ensleys will have 5 sows in their breeding program expecting to produce 10 litters per year.


Graham County

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