Brad Bumgardner, Crookneck Farms

Packing and Cooling Center
Grant Award: $6,000

To reduce losses, increase quality, extend the shelf life of their berries and reach new markets, Crookneck Farms has added a desperately needed cooling facility. The facility has satisfied the farm’s need for a centralized, professional processing area where fruit is graded, packaged and then directly stored in a quality cooler.

Cooling berries as quickly as possible to 34 degrees exponentially extends their shelf life and increases their quality. This will allow the farm to expand their markets, increase profits and hire more employees.

Crookneck Farms currently has an established market with Dole, but must abide by their guidelines and market pricing. The new cooling facility will allow the farm to reach new markets (retail stores, farmers markets, etc.) and become more sustainable.



Cleveland County

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