Warren, Diana and Clint Cabe, Blue Ribbon Farms

Stone Grist Mill
Grant Award: $6,000

With the long-term goal of diversifying his farm to remain viable, Warren used past WNC AgOptions grants to improve his cattle operation and develop a niche market for sorghum syrup.

To continue diversifying in niche markets, Warren purchased an antique grist mill to produce stone ground corn meal, and wheat and rye flours.

He constructed a building enclosure and purchased an antique tractor to power the mill through a belt drive process.

Locating the mill close to his sorghum syrup demonstration area, Warren will be able to offer dual on-farm agritourism experiences for customers.

Building upon the niche markets developed for his sorghum syrup, Warren will market his locally grown and milled corn meal and flours through farmers markets, online and on-farm sales.


Macon County

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