Jeff and Katie Belflower, Belflower Farm

Pasture Irrigation
Grant Award: $6,000

In order to mitigate drought risk on his 40-acre farm, Jeff and Katie have added an innovative irrigation system to assist in maintaining consistent grass production. The K-Line system is a flexible hose line and sprinkler pod system designed by New Zealanders for cost-effective and efficient farm irrigation. It is easily moved by any farm vehicle and is a low application rate system that ensures maximum uptake of water and nutrients and minimal moisture loss via runoff. Using the K-line system, annual forage production is expected to increase by 37%.

The Belflowers raise pasture finished beef cows and hair sheep, so drought management and quality forage are extremely important to the farm’s bottom line and long-term business planning.

Jeff has recently quit his job off the farm and will be full-time farming, as well as operating his own consulting and construction services. With the knowledge he as gained installing and working with the K-Line system, Jeff hopes to become a K-Line dealer and introduce other farmers to this efficient and effective new way to irrigate.


Rutherford County

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