Keith Allison, Alt Hill and Verdant Pastures

Small Fruit Diversification
Grant Award: $6,000

Looking to diversify his farm and bring new sources of income, Keith has added a variety of berries to his farm. He planted 1,000 strawberry plants, 200 raspberry plants (mix of June and fall bearing), 200 blackberry plants (mix of June and fall bearing), 40 blueberry plants and 40 elderberry plants.

He purchased trellising materials, irrigation tubing and a chipper/shredder for producing mulch. By mulching instead of using plastic or weed barrier cloth, he’ll cut costs in labor and materials, as well as be able to build organic matter in the soil. Since there are very few berry growers in McDowell County, Keith will be able to offer a high demand product June through October.



McDowell County

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