David Noland, Noland Farm Place

Creep Feeder
Grant Award: $3,000

Building on a successful 2011 WNC AgOptions grant to enhance the genetics of his herd, David has begun to expand and diversify his farm through the introduction of creep feeding into his current operation.

With the addition of an 8 foot single sided Apache Creep Feeder, David will be seeing three major impacts to his operation: calves will be heavier at weaning, they will suffer less setbacks due to stress of weaning and calves will adapt to feedlot rations much quicker.

The creep feeding system will increase profitability, as additional income per pound of beef will exceed the input cost of feed per pound of grain. The result will be up to $130 dollars per head more than what he is getting now without creep feeding. David will begin using the creep feeder this fall.


Jackson County

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