Wood Hall Young, III, Hall’s Hill Farm

Greenhouse Expansion and Season Extension
Grant Award: $3,000

To remain a sustainable operation, Hall’s Hill Farm will now be able to double CSA memberships by creatively utilizing a non-traditional hoop house for 12-month production.

The hoop house was built using a metal frame and polycarbonate panels and is designed for multiple uses that will benefit the entire operation: raised beds running down the sides and middle will allow for season extension of vegetable production; shelving above the beds will allow for concurrent seeds starts and will drastically cut in-between crop time for outdoor plantings; and unused bed space in winter months will be separated to house quail, essentially allowing the farm to triple current quail production.

Hall’s Hill Farm is the only farm licensed in Avery County to raise and butcher quail.

Hall’s Hill Farm farm sells wholesale to local businesses, at local produce stands and multiple farmer’s markets in Spruce Pine, Banner Elk and Bakersville.


Avery County

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