Curtis and Susan Burnside,
Sospiro Ranch

Goat Kidding and Handling Barn
Grant Award: $6,000

Curtis has constructed a goat kidding and handling barn with enough space to perform artificial insemination (AI) to enhance the genetics of the animals. With a dedicated area to perform husbandry, measure growth rates and take fecal samples, Curtis will double the size of his herd to 25 kids annually.

The building is 25-foot by 40-foot and is divided into five stalls. It also has a larger stall to quarantine, perform artificial insemination (AI), and complete other activities. This project facilitates Curt’s ability to enhance his registered Boer goat herd with the introduction of Kido buck genetics. The intended result is increased hybrid vigor and decreased mortality due to intestinal parasites.

Each year since 2011, Curt has sold approximately 10 meat goats on the hoof to breeders, FFA participants and area consumers. He and his partner Susan also sell chicken eggs, honey and meat rabbits. They plan to offer self-sufficiency homesteading workshops starting in 2017.

“Sharing information, helping others to develop their potential and lending assistance when needed, is what we are all about,” Curtis said.

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