Lisa Black, Fields of Gold

proGoat Milk Dairy Equipment for Goat Gelatoject
Grant Award: $6,000

Lisa has expanded her current goat milk dairy and artisan gelato business with the goal of becoming the leading organic Grade A dairy and gourmet handcrafted goat milk gelato producer in the region.

She purchased a large commercial freezer, refrigerator and blast freezer. At the expanded capacity, she expects to sell to 20 regional stores, expanding to retail locations and local chain grocery stores in at least 10 new cities, including Charlotte.

“With large capacity freezers and refrigerators, more product can be made and stored for customer orders on an ongoing basis so we have a good turn-around time,” Lisa said. “Production could easily double with this necessary commercial equipment in place.” She can also respond to customer’s orders right away rather than delaying a week or two for delivery.

Gelato has critical temperature requirements and is more sensitive to fluctuation than regular ice cream, so has different storage requirements. Since 2010, Lisa has purchased Grade A goat milk from Round Mountain Creamery and produced gelato off-site. She sets up a mobile gelato cart at area farmer’s markets and sells to five local retail stores and on the farm. She also sells nourishing goat milk soaps with goat milk from her own herd on the 40-acre farm.

Fields of Gold offers more than 30 handcrafted gourmet goat milk gelato flavors that are made with no artificial flavorings, additives or preservatives. “Making gelato with Grade A goat milk is a special endeavor and very welcomed by consumers,” Lisa said. In addition to their artisan gourmet flavors, Fields of Gold offers two additional lines, beer and wine infused flavors, which capture the essences of local craft brews and mountain wineries, but are non-alcoholic.

Lisa is the second generation in her family to farm her land, which is where she grew up.

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