McCoyJohn H. McCoy, Smoky Mountain Trout Farm

Solar Energy for Healthy Food
Grant Award: $6,000

John is expanding his trout farm with the installation of 12 solar panels to power demand feeders and bug zappers on ten trout raceways. Demand feeders supply fish with a steady amount of regular food throughout the day while bug zappers supplement the fish’s diet with high-protein insects at night.

“A steady supply of food day and night will provide for a better growth rate and faster to market size with less cost,” John said. “A savings on fish food, labor and electricity can be better utilized to offset other costs and improve profit margin.”

John has been in the trout farming business for 45 years, and has grown trout on his own farm for commercial and sport fisheries since 1990. He currently sells to the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians Trout Program and Carolina Mountain Trout in Andrews. He is a Tribal Member and the only Tribal trout farmer.



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