Ten Acre Garden 01Danny Barrett, Ten Acre Garden

Pick-Your-Own Berry Expansion
Grant Award: $6,000

Danny has added pick-your-own raspberry and strawberry plants to his existing 10-acre vegetable and fruit farm. He aims to create a unique agri-tourism experience for his customers.

“Ideally, each child who comes to pick their own berries learns to pay more attention to where their food comes from and feels an affection for farmland and locally produced food,” Danny said. “We are then helping the next generation to appreciate the work that farmers do each day, which can lead to purchases and support in the future.”

Ten Acre Garden 02“When the general public begins to consider more deeply the origin of their food, it can only benefit local farmers who sell through farm stands and farmer’s markets,” Danny said.

Ten Acre Garden currently advertises through the Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project local foods guide, NC Farm Fresh, Buy Haywood and Local Harvest, and is increasing social media presence and road signage. Danny also sells at farmer’s markets, his own farm stand, and to local restaurants such as Frogs Leap Public House.

Danny has farmed since 1967. “I feel a deep connection to the community and to the past and future in the service I provide,” Danny said. “I love this land. I cannot think of anything I would rather be doing with my life.”

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