IMG_2813Bryan Bumgarner, Bumgarner Farms

Feed Facility
Grant Award: $6,000

IMG_2826Bryan has built a facility to process cattle and hog feed, which he produces for his own livestock as well as sells to other farms and livestock feed stores. The fully enclosed metal building is large enough to accommodate a soybean mill, grinder and tractor, which operates the grinder. Bryan is also expanding feeding areas where grain can be fed directly from outdoor bins.

The facility allows for grain processing at night and in inclement weather so Bryan can make better use of his time. “With the proper facility, I can increase production and quality of feed, helping sustain my farm and future production,” Bryan said. “As the local cattle industry is expanding, producing quality feed for market makes a significant impact in meeting livestock demands.”

IMG_2820In the near future, Bryan plans to switch to growing strictly non-GMO seed, which he said produces better quality feed and is in growing demand. In Jackson County, no other farms have a feed processing facility.

“My children play a big role in helping and learning about farming,” Bryan said. “My son, who is seven, began learning how to drive the combine this year. They are all interested in farming and I want to be able to further my farm operation not only to teach them but to also help secure the future of our farm.”


Jackson County

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