breedlove 8-5-2015 (14)breedlove 8-5-2015 (13)Patrick Jeremy Breedlove, Breedlove Farms

Poultry and Game Birds
Grant Award: $3,000


breedlove 8-5-2015 (1) - CopyTo meet customer demand, Patrick expanded his poultry venture. He produces game birds, laying hens and meat chickens for sale to hunting clubs and poultry growers.

breedlove 8-5-2015 (4)Patrick has upgraded his equipment to 5-deck battery chick brooders, freeing floor space to allow additional eggs to be hatched. He is also purchasing a feed storage unit and additional transportation crates. In two years, he plans to increase production of laying hens from 350 to 600, Ringneck pheasants from 230 to 400, meat chickens from 75 to 250 and Bobwhite quail from 50 to 200.

Since the poultry operation does not require much land, “any small-land based farmer could provide the proposed services that we are planning to offer,” Patrick said. His unique method of marketing game birds has allowed him to sell any that he has for sale.

Patrick also raises Myotonic goats, an operation he expanded with the help of a 2014 WNC AgOptions grant.



Swain County

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