Warren Cabe

Pasture-based Rotational Grazing of Cattle
Grant Award: $6,000

Warren is increasing the number of calves for market with the purchase of electrical fencing for pasture management as well as materials for improved livestock handling. He is dividing nine acres into paddocks to permit controlled grazing and hence improve the management of his land.

This expansion allows for the doubling of his production to approximately 12 market-size calves per year initially and to 18 calves in the next four years. The animals are sold at the WNC Regional Livestock Center in Canton.

Warren said that this project helps keep a 40-year-old farm running for perhaps another 40 years. He looks forward to passing it to his eight-year-old son, who recently claimed ownership over twin calves that he bottle-fed after their mother rejected them. “My son routinely has these heifers (now 500 pounds) in their stalls and fed before I ever get home,” Warren said.

In addition, his project is providing demonstration to local cattle farmers, which are on the decline in his area. “By using smaller areas for rotational grazing, we can show other growers how to get the most production from their land while reducing machinery input costs for growth control and hay production,” Warren said.

Macon County

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