Jones (8)Abby and Zach Jones, Twisted Ridge Farms

Blackberries and Raspberries
Grant Award: $6,000

As part of a larger plan to expand and diversify Twisted Ridge Farms, Abby and Zach are adding blackberries and raspberries to their farm, which currently has one acre of vegetables. By adding nearly an acre of caneberries, Abby and Zach are gaining the experience they’ll need to expand into a much larger operation.

Jones (2)Twisted Ridge Farms is the first caneberry producer in Jackson County and provides demonstration of a potential crop for other farmers who, like the Joneses, have hilly land. They currently sell through their family’s roadside produce stand, Mountain Fresh Produce.

Their long-term goal is to farm full-time. “Hopefully one day this will give us the ability to have something to hand down to our children if they choose to follow us like our great grandparents did for us,” Abby said.

They are committed to ecological sustainability. “We have a goal of building living soil through compost, natural fertilizers, conservation tillage, green mulches and cover crops over winter,” Abby said. “The plantings of beneficial flowers in our field edges will also serve to provide a more idealistic place for our guests on the farm.”


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