Phillip Kendall, Trout Lily Farm

Value-added Processing House
Grant Award: $6,000


Phillip is adding a multi-functional processing house that serves as a centerpiece to the farm and is leading to increased product diversity and revenue. The building (under construction) will provide space for processing and storing medicinal herbs, fresh produce, value-added products, poultry and rabbits. It also acts as an on-site farm stand as well as a venue for educational events.

The goal of Trout Lily Farm is to bring Madison County residents to the land to learn about gardening, orcharding, animal husbandry, medicinal herbs, rood processing and preparation, forest and wildlife management, land stewardship, healthy lifestyle and organic, permaculture and biodynamic methods. On 20 acres near frequently visited Max Patch, it has 100 heirloom apple trees, blueberries, Christmas trees, shiitake logs, asparagus and many vegetable gardens. Cockspur Hawthorne fruit is wild crafted and processed into medicinal syrup, and apples are processed into juices, ciders, sauces and dried slices.

In the far corners of Spring Creek, the farm is not close to a value-added processing facility, so logistical and transportation expenses have hindered the business from becoming fully functional. This new facility allows for increased marketing as well as compliance with food regulations. Phillip hopes it will also help other growers.

“Mentoring others is part of our passion and focus,” he said. “Through our internship program, we’ll educate young up-an-coming farmers. By working with local schools and other affiliated organizations, we will hold educational field days, helping to provide a space for kids to learn and connect with the food and farmers that nourish them.”

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