Zack and Jen Stockbridge, Stockbridge Farms

Cold Storage for Pastured Poultry Operation
Grant Award: $6,000

Zack and Jen have added cold storage units to their pastured poultry operation, which they expect will double farm revenue. They are maximizing batch sizes and can now afford to travel from Andrews to the Foothills Pilot Plant in Marion. That way they can process twice as many birds at one time than they currently do. The US Department of Agriculture inspection sticker allows them to sell to customers across state lines, such as the Blairsville Farmers Market in Georgia.

Zack and Jen are invested in partnering with and helping other farmers. They have been Southern Appalachian Family Farms board members since 2012.

“Several of our customers are aspiring producers themselves,” Jen said. “We find this inspiring, not threatening. To grow your own, or try to, is the best way to fully appreciate the value of food.”

Zack and Jen sell at the Cedar Valley Farmer’s Market in Murphy, the Evening Harvest Market in Hayesville, and, now, at markets in Georgia and Tennessee.


Cherokee County

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